Can't Keep Your Pet? Plan to take to public shelter? READ THIS!


If you are looking to rehome your dog we are sorry that we cannot take in any dogs at this time.
Death Row Dogs Rescue can offer advice and we can try to help you place your dog in a safe, loving home IF YOU ARE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and you are willing to keep the dog until he or she is placed.

If you plan to drop your pet off at a county or city shelter, this is likely their reality.

Does the picture upset you? It should - your pet who stood by you will now have it's last moments of life with a rope or muzzle tied around his or her face, restrained, a long needle stuck in their vein, and tossed into a bag, exactly like garbage.

Think twice before you just dump your pet at a shelter. If you don't realize the over population problem, then wake up. The shelters are flooded with animals because far more people are getting rid of their pets/move and "can't take them with" (then find a landlord that accepts pets), have a baby and can't keep... the list goes on and on... so they take their pet to the shelter, where there are not enough adopters and rescues to save them (over 50% will die, in some shelters, that figure is closer to 80-85%). If you can't keep your pet, then find that pet a home to go into. Why would you bring the pet to a shelter? Have you ever been in the kennels of a shelter? Do you see the distress, the fear, the anxiety, the crying these animals do - reaching out to you with their paws - DESPERATE to get out. And, there just aren't enough of us to save them, so many will die after living a miserable existence for their last days on earth.

So, when you decide you no longer want your pet, who wanted nothing more than to be your companion and bring them to the shelter, here is what they get to look forward to.

They get to enjoy 1-5 days inside a kennel, likely with several other animals, lying in their own feces, fighting with the others for food, no blankets, no warm fuzzy beds, just cold, concrete floors in tight spaces, susceptible to catching an illness, and when their time is up, they are led to the back of the shelter (some wagging their tails as they are so happy to be out of their cage with a human being, and mistakenly think they are going for a walk while others are pulled with a pole, as they are scared out of their minds and have no idea who these people are and what is happening) they are restrained, and killed.

And for those of you dumping your senior dogs at the shelter, have a heart if they are at the end of their life. Take them to the vet's office or a shelter that offers humane euthanasia, hold them, pet them, let them know they were loved, and let them leave the word with dignity instead of confusion and fear.

Do you think this is the nice, easy shot first to put them to sleep, then to stop their heart like at the vet? Think again - it's painful. The shelters don't have the time or money for that... nice ending to their life.

We are fortunate enough to share this earth with companion animals... you should take that honor and commitment seriously. Don't get a pet if you can't commit to keeping that pet for the duration of it's life...


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